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Φαρμακονησι- Farmakonisi island, Aegean sea, Greece,Europe

Ελληνικη Προεδρια-Greek Presidency


Το πρώτο σκιτσο του 2014 στην Εφημεριδα των Συντακτων


Το τελευταιο σκιτσο του 2013 στην Εφημεριδα των Συντακτων


Το σκιτσο στημ Εφ.Συν.στις 29-12-2013

Το ΠΟΘΕΝ ΕΣΧΕΣ των βουλευτων…

Απο την Εφημεριδα των Συντακτων της 18-12-2013


Εφημεριδα των Συντακτων 15-12-2013


Removing the Tattoo

Published in Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper on 13-10-2013

SOLIDARITY: A democratic and cultural value

Educartoon – cartoon in education – and cartoonist Michael Kountouris, with the support of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, present from 15th to 18th March, 2012 the art works of cartoonists from around the world who responded to the invitation titled: “SOLIDARITY: A democratic and cultural value” within the frames of the worldwide movement WE ARE ALL GREEKS

The movement WE ARE ALL GREEKS, which was born on the internet (blogs and social media networks), as well as the cartoon of the awarded cartoonist Michalis Kountouris, which was published on the internet and achieved an impressive number of comments and republications worldwide, were the reason for the invitation of 30 cartoonists from around the world, who communicate with their pen the message of solidarity for the Greek people as well as for democracy and culture.